Personalize your emails even further by inserting the information in your Data extension. This can be used for displaying preferred location information or the customer's assigned customer rep. This can create a more one-to-one experience - the type that converts.


Please note: To try out the feature, click the full screen icon in the tutorial.

Step 1: The first step is to open Messages in the Compose section and click Create new message -> Standard

Step 2: Click Message name

Step 3: Type **** in Message name

Step 4: Click Campaign name

Step 5: Select Campaign

Step 6: Click Drag & Drop

Step 7: Click Template

Step 8: Select Template

Step 9: Click Save

Step 10: Click Content

Step 11: Click Edit content

Step 12: Make all the edits necessary for this specific message.

Step 13: Click Finish

Step 14: Click View code

Step 15: Optional: Review the HTML code outputted by the editor

Step 16: Click View content to return to visual view

Step 17: Click Save

Step 18: That's it. You're done.