FTP Imports provide a simple solution to automating your data imports. This can be effective for pushing data from your CRM system or another tool that collects contacts into CONNECT. Follow the tutorial below to set-up your first FTP Import. 

Note: In order to access the FTP Import's sub folder and begin dropping files, you will need your CONNECT FTP credentials which were provided when you were onboarded. If you need help retrieving these credentials, please submit a support ticket or email support.


Please note: To better view the tutorial, click the full screen icon.

Step 1: The first step is to open the Target section and click FTP imports

Step 2: Click Add new import

Step 3: Click Sub Folder

Step 4: Type **** in Name of the Sub Folder you would like create in your CONNECT Ftp Folder.

The sub folder is where you will drop the files for this specific import.

Step 5: Click File Prefix

Step 6: Type **** in the File Prefix CONNECT will look for when deciding which files to pick up.

Note: It should not include anything that changes between each file dropped.

Example: Files with name "subscribes_{date}" would have file prefix "subscribes_"

Step 7: Click Select file...

Step 8: Select a file that represents a sample of what each file will look like that the Import will pick up.

It needs to include the same header names, in the same order with the same data types. CONNECT will reject any file that doesn't match the sample.

Step 9: Click Map Fields

Step 10: Now you will map each header in the sample file to a DataMart field. This is similar to uploading a list manually.

Click the drop down under Map to DataMart field

Step 11: Click the field that matches the header.

Step 12: Do this for each field

Step 13: The next step is optional. If you are only looking to update Contact data, click Finish and save.

If you are looking to change their permission for a subscription (e.g. Unsubscribe), click Define Permission Settings.

Step 14: Click Add to subscription(s)

Step 15: Select the Subscriptions you want to update the permission for

Step 16: Click Permissions to the selected subscriptions(s)

Step 17: Select the permission level you want to attempt to give each contact.

Step 18: Permission date changes allows you to control when the permission is changed based on the date it was captured.

The date it uses to compare defaults to the current date/time if none is provided.

Step 19: Permission ladder allows you to control when a permission is updated based on their current permission level.

When enabled, Unsubscribes cannot be overwritten and Express can't be downgraded to Implied.

Step 20: In this example we are setting up a Subscribe import, so we want to make sure unsubscribes are resubsribed.
To do this, click Overwrite unsubscribes only

Step 21: Check Yes to confirm you understand the options you've selected.

Step 22: Click Finish and save

Step 23: That's it. You're done.

You can now start dropping files in your FTP sub folder for CONNECT to pick them up.