Power Your Email Marketing With Data Extensions

Data Extensions allow you to connect values from your contacts with additional data, such as assigned agent information and preferred store information.

These extensions are a great way to not only manage your separate lists of information, but insert that information into your creative for more personalized content - the type that converts.

For example, let's say you have a contact with Vaughan Mills as their favourite store, ID #503. An extension gets created called “Store Information”, which has records that might look like the following:

503Vaughan Mills123 Street Rd.123-123-1234vmills@domain.com
208Richmond at the Hills536 Road St.321-321-4321rhills@domain.com

Using these records, you can display any of the information related to the Vaughan Mills store in your message.

Refreshed Interface

Along with Data Extensions, a refreshed user interface is coming to CONNECT. The changes include a new color theme, rounded header buttons and tabs.