Content blocks allow users to insert dynamic content in their email by creating a dynamic variable that displays information relative to the information retrieved for a specific record type in Datamart. These variables are user created and defined.

What is the difference between a Content Rule and Content block?

  • The immediate difference is the way these two types of variables are displayed on the HTML document.
    •  ##Variable##  (content rule variable)
    • ###Variable###  (content block variable)
  • A Content Rule applies to the whole email and allows for 1 conditional rule to affect multiple variables in the message. A Content Block is a single condition and a single variable affecting a single block or object in the message.

How to use Content Blocks?

  • Go to Compose > Email Message > Create new message > Standard > HTML.
  • Since, this article primarily focuses on Content Blocks, we will deal with HTML, Preview and Test tab. 
  • In the HTML tab, select Insert Dynamic Content button.

  • A window will display like one shown below:

This helps users in customizing how the content will be displayed by the content block variable.

1. Name: Provide a name to dynamic variable. This will be inserted into the HTML section (Image shown below - highlighted by yellow border).

2. CONNECT allows users to program the entire logic by switching to HTML mode from Design mode. (Example shown below)

Design mode:

HTML mode:

3. Copy: New content blocks can be created from previously created ones simply by selecting the drop down list next to the Copy option.

  • Important: When copying previous variable logic, current logic will be discarded. Also, name the content block different than the parent block.

    Insert: Click this button to insert the dynamic variable in the email message.

    Cancel: Click this button to discard current dynamic variable creation.

Now, we have to add the logic for the insertion of content. This is done using if/else statements.

  • If a record has the field Division equivalent to “Food Services” then “Gloves on Sale!” will be displayed in the email.

        Result in preview tab

  • Else if Division is equal to “Cleaning” then “New Microfiber Mops” will be displayed.

        Result in preview tab:

  • Finally, an else statement which means if none of the above statement applies, then the following text is displayed: “15% Off Select Items”.

            Result in preview tab:

  • Also, the else if, or else statement, could be removed by clicking

Dynamic content block variables also support image, text and blocks of code.

To insert an image:

To insert a block:

User could further edit the Block by selecting Edit button. The following window will be displayed:

  • User has the option to test their block using Preview or by creating a test deployment.