Once signed into CONNECT, you will be brought to the home page which offers up an assortment of great information. 

Each part of the home screen is explained in detail below.

Recent Deployments

  • This section comes in really handy when you have multiple hands in the same CONNECT community. 
  • In this section you are able to see all of the recent deployments that have been sent out of your CONNECT community. 
  • It includes if the message was completed, cancelled or in progress. 
  • It also gives you the amount of records that were delivered to and the date/time the deployment went out.


  • Whether you need to access the knowledge centre for a quick how-to referencing or you're having an issue and you need to get a hold of an agent, you can access CONNECT support right from within the tool.

Next Steps...

Ready to start using CONNECT? Simply click on one of the tabs at the top of the page to begin. 

Each tab gives you access to great functionality within the tool. Not sure which tab to pick, here are explanations for each tab and what you can find once you click them.

  • Compose - Set up all of the messages you would like to deploy to your customers in this tab. With access to an Image Library, Landing Page and Template Hosting tool, message creation couldn't be easier.
  • Target - Manage your digital marketing database right within the tool. Create segments, view counts and Add/Manage people in this tab.
  • Automate - Do you have digital messaging campaigns that go out on a regular basis? Save yourself some time and set up automated digital messaging programs easily in this tab.
  • Deploy - Like the name suggests, this is where you will deploy all of your digital messages (Compose Tab) to the people you've collected within the tool (Target Tab).
  • Analyze - Get access to all the great data that is collected after your messages have been deployed. Easily view clicks, opens and other great metrics in this tab.