Landing Pages within CONNECT provides users with the opportunity to create hosted HTML pages that can be used in a variety of situations. 

One use is iFrames within a website. This gives the user the ability to use the hosted content within CONNECT on their website. 

One use that is very common is to use iFrames to load in a CONNECT Web Form onto a user's site so that they get to keep the look and feel of the website around the Web Form. 

This tutorial goes over a few points in using iFrames with CONNECT Landing pages.

What are iFrames?

  • iFrames are "containers" that you can place in a webpage that allow you to load a URL (web page or any other hosted item) and display them in the container. 
  • The example to the left shows loaded in an iFrame within the CONNECT Support site. This container can also be given other properties. including width and height. 
  • If you are unfamiliar with HTML coding, please have your IT department or CONNECT support help you with setting up your iFrame.

Web Forms

  • CONNECT gives each user the ability to create web forms within the tool to collect information from their customers and have it directly feed into their DataMart. 
  • However, web forms must be placed within a landing page, in order for them to appear in a live environment. 
  • This is where iFrames become very handy. 
    • If you would like to load a CONNECT web form within your website, you can place and style the webform within a landing page within CONNECT and then load it in an iframe in your website (see " How to create a Web Form" ). 
    • The example here is an unstyled webform placed in the CONNECT Support site.

Style Sheets

  • If you are creating a web form or any other type of landing page within your website, you will most likely want it to match the website it's being placed within. 
  • In order for this to work, you must place an "embedded style sheet" in the <head> tag, inside the landing page you wish to load. 
  • Again, this requires a more advanced knowledge of HTML Coding and you might need to consult your IT department or CONNECT Support for help.