When creating an Event notification to send out to your subscriber list, a create addition is to have a Meeting Invite file that users can use to automatically place the date in their digital calendars, whether it be on their smartphone or their computer. This quick tutorial shows you how to create one of these files. 

One requirement for this is that you will have to have a way to host the file and create a URL to link to within the tool.

1.  Navigate to www.pratie.com/lab/icalendar and fill in the details of your event

  • This tool is a 3rd party tool that we have found for you to use. CONNECT has no association with this tool.

2.  Right click on the "Add Event To Your Calendar" link and click "Save Target As" (IE) or "Save Link As" (Firefox/Chrome)

3.  Once the file you saved has been hosted and you have a URL, Navigate to CONNECT and the Event message you are creating

4.  Highlight the Text/Image you wish to link and click the "Insert Link" button

5.  Paste in the URL for the Calendar File and Change Target to "New Window"