If you have an external database located in Microsoft Access 2007/2010, there is a special set of instructions you must follow in order to create a list (CSV File) that will upload properly into CONNECT.

1.  With your Database open in Access, right click on the Table name on the left and select "Export - - Text File".

2.  Click "Browse" to select which folder you would like to save to and change the ".txt" in the file name to ".csv". Click OK when finished.

3.  Make sure "Delimited" is selected and click the "Advanced" button at the bottom left.

4.  Select "Unicode (UTF-8)" from the "Code Page" drop down and click OK when finished. Click "Next" to move forward.

5.  Make sure "Comma" is selected as the delimiter. Check "Include Field Names on First Row" and then click "Next" to move forward.

6.  Click "Finish" to export your file.

7.  OPTIONAL: Check "Save export steps" to save the steps you followed in this tutorial so you can quickly repeat this type of export without the wizard.

8.  OPTIONAL: To re-use your saved steps, navigate to the "External Data" tab and click "Saved Exports". Select the saved steps and click "Run".