When building your email program, you might find the need to target "New Subscribers" for use in your Welcome Program. 

Using the CONNECT segmentation tool, you have the ability to segment on your subscriptions which allows you capture your new subscribers for use in a Welcome program. 

The following tutorial will help you accomplish that.

1.  Create a New Segment

2.  Drag and release the Subscription you would like to Collect New Subscribers For

  • Note: Ensure that the operator is set to "equals".

3.  Name your Segment and click the "Save and Export to .CSV" button

  • CONNECT should trigger a download in your browser. 
  • Save the file to your computer and descriptively name it (ie. Current Subscribers_01012013.csv). 
  • The file will contain all current subscribers for the subscription you selected earlier.

4.  Upload the File you Downloaded

5.  Navigate back to the Segment you Created Earlier

6.  Drag and Release the "List Upload" Source over the Existing Criteria.

  • This will create an AND statement

7.  Select the list you recently uploaded from the drop down

8.  Change the Operator from "equals" to "does not equal".

9.  Click Save when finished. This should result in a segment count of 0.