Personalization is a great way to engage your subscribers. 

Do it right and your subscribers will feel that you know and care about them. We can help you do it the right way.

1.  Create a New Segment with the definition "First Name is empty" and Save

  • This segment will target all contacts in your database that do not have a value entered in for the "First Name" field. 
  • This step will also help determine if it will be worth creating a secondary "Non-Personalized" version of your email. 
  • If the count for this segment is very low or 0 then you might not want to proceed with this tutorial.

Create a Personalised Email using Dynamic Variables

  • In this example, we have used our own variable for "First Name". 
  • The variable you use must match the field name currently in your datamart. 
  • You can view your field names by navigating to the "Target" tab and then clicking on "DataMart fields",

Create a Duplicate of your Message by clicking "Save as..."

Edit the New Version to be "Non-Personalized" and Save

For the first deployment, select the "Non-Personalized" message and the segment that was built in the first step

For the second deployment, select the "Personalized" message and as an additional step, add the segment as a suppression

  • By adding the segment as a suppression, you will remove anyone who doesn't have a value for the "First Name" field, from the deployment.