Record types give the user the flexibility to flag individuals in their DataMart as employees or account stakeholders so that they may be included in certain processes throughout the email campaign.

Listed below are the different types of records that can be flagged in the system.

1.  Test Accounts

  • Test Accounts are defined in UMPIRE as email addresses used solely for testing purposes. 
  • This might be Gmail or Hotmail accounts that would be used to see how a campaign is rendering in different email clients.
  • They can also be individuals who want be included in all testing deployments such as the Campaign Manager.

2.  Stakeholders

  • Stakeholders are defined in UMPIRE as individuals who follow a campaign from start to finish and wish to be included in the process. 
  • You can add stakeholders to any testing that is being performed on a campaign and you can include them in the final deployment.
  • For a company, Stakeholders might be department leaders or managers. 
  • For an agency, Stakeholders might be account managers or key client contacts.
  • You may include Stakeholders at any time, so it is important to only choose to add them to a deployment/test when you are ready for them to see the campaign.

3.  Seed List

  • Seed lists are similar to stakeholders, however this separation is provided as Seed lists can only be used in final deployment and are added in with the regular customers.
  • Seed lists tend to include executives and other individuals who wish to see final deployment as the customer sees it.
  • Note: Records flagged as a Seed List will not be included in the final metrics