The driving force behind any email program is the Opt-in/Opt-out process that has been put into place. This will allow customers to start receiving your email campaigns or stop receiving them. 

Subscriptions helps you manage this process.

Subscriptions are a collection of people who have decided at one point to receive or not receive, all or specific email communications from your company. 

In a majority of cases, email programs only have one Subscription. 

The customer either does or doesn't want to receive all email publications from you. However, some email marketing programs are little more sophisticated. 

Many programs have a Monthly Newsletter, as well as Promotional email alerts. Then the option to opt-in or opt-out to one or both of the campaigns is presented. 

This is where Subscriptions shine. They allow you to manage each opt-in/opt-out process in one Community. 

You are able to see the total size of each subscription, segment on this subscription and deploy email marketing direct to it. 

There are even users that have a preference page that Subscriptions can manage. 

This preference page provides their customers to opt-in/opt-out of different types of alerts so they can customize their email experience with your company. UMPIRE Subscriptions provides each user the flexibility to manage the simplest of email programs to the most complicated.