Deployment indicates the act of combining a message with a list of recipients for the purpose of sending them content through UMPIRE. 

This could mean that you are sending an email message to a list of 1000 recipients through UMPIRE or you have a Welcome program in operation and when a new subscriber enters your DataMart, it becomes a recipient and is sent the first message in your welcome program. 

There are a few different ways of creating a deployment in UMPIRE. 

  1. The first is creating a Bulk deployment through the "Deploy" tab. 
    • This allows you to select a subscription, segment, or list file as your list of recipients and select a message that you have created in the Compose tab. 
  2. The second option is to set up an AutoProgram in the "Automation" tab. 
    • This allows you to define (using a segment) your recipients and if new subscribers will become recipients as well. 
    • It also allows you to choose a path of messages that each recipient will receive.