One of the most common items in an HTML email message is the "Online" or web version. 

This version is generally a copy of your HTML email, hosted online so that if a customer has trouble viewing your email, they can click on the web version link and view the email in their browser instead. 

It is best practice to place this link at the top of your email so it's easy to access. 

CONNECT has a feature that by placing a specific tag as the URL of your web version link, you can trigger CONNECT to automatically create a web version and place a URL back into your email at the time of deployment.

1.  The URL tag

  • To have CONNECT automatically create web versions for you at the time of deployment, you must use the special variable ##webversionurl## as the URL (see example on left).
  • If you are coding the message yourself, you can use this variable as the "href" as seen in the example to the left.

2.  Removing the web version link from the web version

  • A common request for web versions is to remove the web version link, from the web version. 
  • CONNECT has a specific HTML tag that it uses to detect what HTML code to remove when creating the web version. 
  • Any code placed between the tag will be completely removed from the web version (see example on left). 
  • This step requires some HTML knowledge and if you are having any trouble with this part, please contact CONNECT Support for aid.