Segmentation now offers you the ability to target your contacts based on sources they may have entered your DataMart through. 

These include - List Upload - FTP Import Task - Webform - Adding a single contact - API List Upload

Simply drag and drop the source type to your segment logic, select the operators "equal" or " does not equal" and the select the source name.

1.  Source Definitions

Source Definitions

  1. List Upload Contacts that were included Min a manual CSV upload through the target dashboard.
  2. FTP Import Task Files Contacts that were uploaded automatically via ftp FTP import task or a specific file picked up by a FTP import task.
  3. Webform Contacts that were captured by a specific web form built in Connect.
  4. Add person Contacts that were uploaded into the DataMart by using the “Add a person” button on the People tab on the Target screen or through the “Contacts” endpoint on the Restful API.
  5. API List Upload Contacts that were uploaded using the Connect Restful API “List” endpoint.