With AutoPrograms, you have access to two levels of reporting. The first is the main reporting platform that you navigate to by clicking the "Go to reporting" button on the Analyze tab. 

The second is a new tab under the Analyze tab called "Auto Programs". This tab will show you each of your AutoPrograms and the messages that are assigned to them (assuming they've been sent to at least 1 recipient). 

Below is instructions on how to find AutoProgram reporting and a description of the different reporting aspects of AutoPrograms.

1.  Navigate to the Analyze tab and click on the Auto Programs tab

Navigate to the Analyze tab and click on the Auto Programs tab

2.  Auto Programs

Auto Programs

  1. AutoProgram Name - This indicates the name of the AutoProgram, the version of the AutoProgram that is being reported on, and the number of message steps underneath that program.
  2. Message Name - This indicates the name of the message that was sent at the specific step(3).
  3. Step - This indicates which step each message is assigned to. Note: Wait periods are considered a step as well but are not reported on.
  4. Sent Count - This metric and all other adjacent metrics are a sum total of all recipients that have been sent the adjacent message in the AutoProgram being reported on.