There may be situations where you need to remove additional duplicates from your deployment target based on a DataMart field other than your UniqueID. This process shows you how to select a non-UniqueID field to remove additional duplicates from your deployment target. This process is for removing duplicate email addresses when you have a non-email UniqueID for your community.

1.  Remove Duplicates Option

Remove duplicates Option

  • When setting up a new deployment, selecting "Yes" next to " Remove duplicates?".This will cause a drop down menu to appear and will display a list of your current DataMart fields.
  • Select the field you wish the system to use to detect duplicates. 
  • Note: You will not be able to control which contacts are kept as the original contact and which are removed as duplicates.

2.  Duplicate counts on the Deployment Review Screen

Duplicate counts ion the deployment review screen

  • Once you have finished the deployment set up and move on to the deployment review screen, you will notice that the field you selected to remove duplicates appears in the Audience Details on the right under “Duplicates”.
  • This gives you a count of how many duplicates were removed based on the field you selected.