1.  Test Plan

Test Plan

  • Click on the test plan to view the details of the deployment test plan.

2.  Test Plan Break Down

Test Plan Break Down

  1. Summary of your test plan
  2. Analytics for each version
  3. Reminder Notification Setup

3.  Reminder Notification

Reminder Notification

Another option you have when setting up a test plan with a rollout is to set a reminder notification so that you are reminded that you need to launch a winning version to your rollout group.

  1. To set up the notification, define when you want the notification sent after the test groups have been sent to.
  2. You also have access to a few extra options that will affect the notification. Include a recommended version for sending to the rollout group in the notification based on Open rate, Unique click rate or Unique click rate as % of opens.
  3.  Repeat the notification until a winner is chosen Selecting this option will cause the notification to be sent again and again at the interval you set until you select a version to send to the rollout group.
  4.  Send a notification to other stakeholders By default, the notification will be sent to the user that created the AB Test Plan but you can also include other stakeholders so they get the notification as well.

4.  Deployment Snapshot

Deployment Snapshot

  • This snapshot informs you on the different key metrics in real time .

5.  Test Plan Summary

Test Plan Summary

  1. By clicking on the preview button in the sending strategy section, you will be able to preview the reminder notification that was used before the deployment. 
  2. The preview button in " details" links to the message preview.

6.  Choosing a Winner

Choosing a winner

  • Once your AB test deployed successfully, you will get an email notification asking you to choose a winner.
  • As seen in the illustration on the left side, the status informs us that a winner is needed.

7.  Choose a Winner

Choose a winner

  • Once the link " Winner needed " is clicked , a pop window will display informing us on the different stats for each version such as :
    • Open Rate Unique Click Rate
    • Unique Click Rate as a % Opens
  • A winner recommendation can be made based on the above metrics as well.

8.  Winner Options

Winner Options

  • The recommended winning version will be highlighted in blue as shown above. Once the winner is determined and select , you have 2 options :
    • Select " Start rollout deployment now " for immediate delivery
    • Select " Deploy on " and choose the date and time for a scheduled delivery