On the home page, you might have noticed that you have a pie graph that that shows "Opens by Device" percentages. This graph will give you great insight in what devices the contacts you are sending to are using to view your email campaigns. 

This gives you the knowledge necessary to know what devices you should be testing your emails on. For an in depth description on the graph, see below.

The Opens by Device graph shows the percentage of opens that occurred on each type of device (PC/Mobile). This is calculated by reviewing all campaigns sent over the past 6 months and grouping the opens into different categories and providing back a percentage. Below you'll find a description for each element of the the graph.

  1. Value - By hovering over a slice of the pie graph, you can see the exact value and the device it applies to.
  2. Updated - The data that the graph uses is updated on a daily basis. The "Updated" date/time stamp provides insight into when the data for the graph was last updated by the system.