The template editor provides an array of tools to help edit your template right in Connect. The template editor also provides all the necessary functions to create an email template from scratch although this requires a bit more expertise on your part. 

Editing Text


Editing text with the template editor is easy and provides a lot of the same functionality as any word processor software. Here are the functions you can perform when editing your template copy.


1.Paragraph Editing - Change the paragraph style, font or font size

2.Text Decoration - Highlight text and choose bold, italic, underline, or strike-through

3.Alignment - Align the text left, center or right

4.Colour - Change the colour of your font or the background colour

5.Lists - Create a bullet or numbered list

Link Management


The template editor makes link management simple. You can apply a link in seconds by highlighting the text or clicking the image you wish to link, clicking the Insert Link button and pasting in the URL. (UMPIRE will automatically track clicks on your links.)


1.Link Insertion/Removal - Buttons for inserting/removing a link into the text/image you have selected

2.URL - Text box where you will paste the URL you wish to link to

3.Target - Choose from the drop-down list where the link will point to. For email, choose "New Window" to ensure the link operates properly within the Webmail client or desktop email client.

4.All Properties - Provides extra functions such as anchor links and email address links.

Image Management

The image management system that CONNECT provides, allows the user to not only host their images within the tool, but place them in any template they see fit.

  1. Image Insertion - The Insert Image button allows you to insert an image where you have placed the cursor in the template editor or change an image you already have selected.
  2. Image Selection - The pop up that appears when you have decided to insert an image, will display all of the available images you have stored in your Image Library.
  3. Insert Image - Once you have made the selection of which image you would like to insert, you simply click the Insert Image button and the image you selected will appear in your template.