Welcome to Connect, the messaging platform built by marketers for marketers, to make your life easier.


With Connect you can:

•Gather content, contacts, and reporting analytics all in one place

•Create and deploy digital messages in record time

•Automatically access updated lists every day

•See data such as opens, even while a message is deploying

•Keep your audience interested and engaged with relevant messages


This guide will walk you through how to use Connect and give you the tools to succeed in your digital messaging efforts. It will take you through each step, including community set-up, uploading your content and contacts, deployment, and reporting and analytics.

If you need help with Connect or anything in this guide, contact us at:


Website: http://support.inboxmarketer.com

Phone (Toll Free): 1-888-544-5397

Email: support@inboxmarketer.com


You'll also find additional tutorials and how-to's through the Connect Support site Knowledge Center at support.inboxmarketer.com.